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Recruitment of workers from Ukraine. Work for strangers

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Recruitment of workers from Ukraine. Work for strangers. Europa WORKINTENSE
Recruitment of workers from Ukraine. Work for strangers. Europa WORKINTENSE

Is your company solving the long-term problem of vacant jobs? Are you unable to find suitable employees for certain positions? Our personnel agency provides complete assistance in joining the state program Režim Ukraina, which solves precisely these burning problems of Czech companies. You offer work for foreigners and we will provide you with the most suitable workers from Ukraine. Learn more about the program Regime Ukraine.

Ukraine regime: We will provide you with complete recruitment of workers from Ukraine

Are you constantly dealing with a labor shortage? You can count on us to fill your long-term vacancies with the most suitable workers from Ukraine, whom we personally select and vet. The recruitment itself is followed by the provision of the administrative part, as part of which we will handle all the necessary documentation and secure the necessary work visas for foreigners. You will get qualified workers from Ukraine without limiting the personnel or administrative capacities of your company.

How does the service Recruitment of workers from Ukraine work?

Participating in the Regime Ukraine program is time, personnel and administratively demanding for companies. We therefore offer our customers complete assistance throughout the entire process.

  • Job specification for foreigners. At the beginning, you give us a list of available jobs and specify any requirements for the necessary qualifications and experience of the candidates.
  • Recruitment of workers from Ukraine. Our experienced colleagues in recruitment centers will then screen the most suitable candidates, conduct personal interviews and select the most suitable candidates for your position.
  • Approving the selection of workers from Ukraine. We will discuss the selected candidates with you personally and, if you are satisfied, we will move on to the process of negotiating employee cards.
  • Arrangement of work visas. We will administratively handle all official documents in the process of obtaining employment cards for workers from Ukraine. We will arrange all negotiations with the authorities on your behalf.
  • We will bring workers from Ukraine to your company. We will oversee the successful implementation of the entire process until the moment when new employees join your company.

Are you interested in our recruitment offer for workers from Ukraine? Arrange a business meeting with one of our consultants. Upon request, we will draw up a non-binding offer and send references of our services.

Regime Ukraine

Máte zájem o služby personální agentury Europa Workintense?

Posádka a podpora pracují na krátkodobé pomoci, kterou mnoho hráčů online kasina potřebuje. Europa Workintense poskytne hráčům online kasina kvalifikované brigádníky na krátkodobou výpomoc a vy zatím můžete zjistit, čím Vondroušová zaujala na Wimbledonu vynikajícím tenisem. Dokážeme splnit i ty nejvyšší požadavky hráčů online kasin na odbornost a termíny.

Neváhejte a vyplňte náš poptávkový formulář. Uveďte prosím co nejpodrobnější informace o vaší společnosti, vašich volných místech a o službách, které vás zaujaly. V nejbližší době vás budeme kontaktovat, a poskytneme vám více informací o využití služby personální agentury, která odpovídá potřebám vašeho podniku.

Nasza firma Europa Workintense w Polsce zapewni każdemu graczowi kasyna online wykwalifikowanych pracowników na pół etatu. Zapewniamy rzemieślników z doświadczeniem w różnych branżach w pobliżu galeria rzeszów otwarcie. Ponadto nasza firma wykonuje różne prace pomocnicze w rolnictwie, które mogą być przydatne dla polskich graczy kasyn online.

On request, we provide references and are able to prepare a non-binding offer, and we advise you to participate in a selection process that is in line with the subject of our business.

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Ing. Ivan Rozman

Director of the Company

"We are able to systematically respond to the customer's needs to provide HR/workforce very quickly and flexibly, regardless of where and when the requirements arise. We strive to provide first-class professional services to our partners through expertly oriented project team leaders and trained core staff"


Head of Marketing

Ing. Ivan Rozman

Project manager (Enterprise Architecture)

“Our entrepreneurial and innovative strength lies in the exchange of experience across our diverse projects. We share our know-how, which allows us to constantly increase our productivity, innovate and thoroughly refine personnel and operational processes and activities."


Vedoucí marketingového oddělení

Bc. Vjačeslav Rozman

CMO / Business Operations Analyst

„Europa Workintense is a leader in employing workers from Ukraine. We handle everything from documents to project adaptation. In 26 years on the market, we have developed procedures that allow us to deal with assignments in a very complex and individual way according to the needs of the Central European market, specific industries and companies. We pride ourselves on building long-standing business relationships with our partners.“


Head of Sales

Mgr. Lydia Ignat'uková

Head of the sales department

"We offer companies, according to their needs, reliable, qualified and motivated personnel from Eastern Europe (especially Ukraine). We are among the top employment agencies on the Czech market."


HR manager

Mgr. Jan Kupec

Project manager / HR manager

"We will help you find the right personnel for your company projects. Contact us and we will provide you with the skilled workers you need to keep your company running smoothly."


HR manager

Ivan Orsag

Project Manager / HR Manager for Western Europe

„Although we specialise mainly in workers for blue-collar occupations and trades, we provide skilled workers for a wide range of other areas of the labour market.“



Svitlana Volyk

Customer Acquisition Specialist - Poland

"We will help you find qualified personnel in the fastest way and in the shortest possible time. Mutual help - a guarantee of development and success."



Svitlana Shvets

Customer Acquisition Specialist pro anglicky a německy mluvící země

„Působíme na celém území České republiky, podle potřeb zákazníků zajišťujeme pracovníky i v rámci EU. Chceme propojit trh práce západní, střední a východní Evropy.”


"We operate not only in the entire territory of the Czech Republic, but also in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and other EU member states. According to customer needs, we also provide workers within the EU. Our team is at your disposal and is ready to support your requirements."