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  • Agency employment
    Agency employment - we solve customer needs in the production, logistics
    and technological process
    Hiring employees for short-term and seasonal help
  • Recruitment and international
    Recruitment - we offer national and international recruitment and provide
    comprehensive recruitment solutions
    Staffing agency for foreigners - employment of foreigners without
    difficult administration
  • Driver courses "WORKINTENSE"
    After successful completion of the course we provide employment in top Czech
    companies all over the Czech Republic
  • Welding courses "WORKINTENSE"
    Come and enquire, we will advise you on the most suitable course for you
    and your needs that will meet the requirements of your company processes

Workintense Personální Agentura s.r.o. - bringing progress

Excellent quality of service
Strategic Vision
Business analysis
Automotive & Logistics

Workintense Personální Agentura s.r.o. staffing agency helps companies succeed in times of skilled worker shortages

We recruit workers from Ukraine and Eastern Europe for the Czech labour market. We find the right solution to the shortage of workers for your company. A professional approach with years of tradition and experience!

Agency employment

Agency employment

Agency employment of foreigners - hiring employees for short-term assistance.

Personal leasing

Personal leasing

Personnel leasing for employers. Workforce - we provide employee leasing.

HR services for companies

HR services for companies

An extensive database of qualified employees from a wide variety of professions.

Employment of foreigners

Employment of foreigners

Personnel agency for foreigners - employment of foreigners without difficult administration.

Service Specifications

Our top services

For employers For employers
Do you need employees?
For employers

Are you looking for an efficient solution for manual activities?

The Staffing agency Workintense Personální Agentura s.r.o. offers the following services: "Personal leasing", "Agency employment" - we will provide stable agency employees with minimal turnover, seasonal staff, foragemen, temporary help. "Rekruitment" - we offer national and international recruitment of employees and provide comprehensive solutions for recruitment processes.

Automotive & Logistics Outsourcing Automotive & Logistics Outsourcing
Automotive & Logistics Outsourcing

We offer you an outsourcing way of implementing system units, processes and functions. We provide total or partial production with a significant proportion of manual work, complete outsourcing logistics services including transportation and storage, outsourcing in administration, IT outsourcing, industrial outsourcing etc.

HOT jobs HOT jobs
For jobseekers
HOT jobs

The staffing agency Workintense Personální Agentura s.r.o. offers work in various industries for all professions of a handling nature. These are professions ranging from handling workers with no education requirement to craftsmen, logistics warehouse operators, metal workers, VZV and electric truck drivers and many others.

Cooperation with WORKINTENSE staffing agency.

Start working with our company! We'll help you take the first step towards solving your problems - the lack of staff for the projects that are so important to you.

A comprehensive and individual approach to each partner - our highly skilled HP management team will work with you to identify your specific HR needs and recommend the best solution based on what's important to you now and in the future.

Qualified agency workers
Agency employment of foreigners
Temporary help
Extensive database of workers
International labour hire

We will save you not only money, but also time spent choosing the right worker .

Let's talk about how the staffing agency Workintense Personální Agentura s.r.o. can strengthen your HR business

We will save you not only money, but also time spent in choosing the right employee

We provide HR capital to companies

The extensive database of the recruitment agency Workintense Personální Agentura s.r.o.e allows you to quickly find qualified workers for your company.

We mainly provide staff leasing and recruitment and other standard activities of staffing agencies. We also offer companies temporary help and temporary / seasonal staffing services in the form of staff leasing and agency employment. We provide qualified HR capital from Eastern European countries, especially Ukraine with employment in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

Variants of recruitment services for companies:

  • Classic recruitment
  • Mass recruitment
  • International recruitment
  • Headhunting (executive search)

We can provide references on request and can prepare a no-obligation recruitment service offer. We are happy to participate in a selection process that is in line with our business.

Benefits of cooperation in the form of temporary help:

  • Workers remain as employees of our company
  • Zero costs with HR management

When you will appreciate Temporary help service:

  • Cover seasonal work for which there is a shortage of workers
  • Bridging holiday periods
  • Temporary increase in work for emergency jobs

One of the key activities of the Europa Workintense recruitment agency is the staff leasing service. Thanks to our extensive database of permanent and potential employees, we are able to arrange long-term and short-term leasing of employees and workforce. This also helps us to deal flexibly with emerging obstacles.

In providing our staff leasing service, we are legally oriented towards international labour hire, which consists of both domestic and foreign workers with permanent residence or citizenship in the European Union.

Why use an employment agency service for foreigners.

  • Save time and costs in the recruitment process
  • Save yourself the hassle of dealing with the administration of employing foreigners
  • We will lend you workers according to the required qualifications
  • In case of dissatisfaction with the employee's performance, we will provide immediate compensation

Qualified agency workers from Eastern Europe to take on blue-collar, craft, technical, manual, service, IT, administrative and other jobs.

HR services for companies
HR services for companies
Recruitment, outsourcing, personal leasing
How Agency Staffing/Personal Leasing works
How Agency Staffing/Personal Leasing works
Workintensity explains
If you need anything regarding our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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